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About Tom Wilson:


Growing up as a child in a large family, cartooning became ideal to vent emotions. I quickly discovered cartooning to be the tool of choice to send messages and receive feedback in a timely manner. Subjects of my cartooning propagated, from my immediate family out into the real world. So, it seemed natural that no one was immune from my sharp pencil which included teachers, friends, professors, and now for a long time the wo. My environment is a breeding ground for humor, seven days a week and fifty-two weeks a year. As an engineer, I discovered that humor plays an enormous and an intricate role in the life surounding me. No matter where I am, humor is present, and all I have to do is watch, take mental notes, and convey my warped thoughts into visual humor. In turn, humor represented by ColdCuts Cartoons is slightly warped. Virtually (Ah hmm...) all the cartoons I sketch are created on a digitizer at relatively high resolutions. So, most of the cartoons you're viewing have been reduced in resolution. Finally, I invite you to checkout ColdCuts Cartoons to get a glimpse of what its all about, and if you get the chance, let me know what you think. I would like to hear from you, if and when its possible. I try to keep ColdCuts clean. So as a last note, please enjoy ColdCuts Cartoons and if you enjoy ColdCuts Cartoons, tell your friends, your favorite sites, your newspaper and other media editors, that you would like to see ColdCuts Cartoons in your favorite world of warped humor. Thank you SLIGHTLY  for visiting! :-)

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